Between 2005 and 2017, I served several large firms as a facilitator of learning.



Training Portfolio

My work has covered two broad areas:

One is Managing teams & projects better. I helped managers re-define their own roles more holistically and handle large teams with confidence.

The other area is teaching people how to make better decisions. I taught managers how to make holistic decisions using robust frameworks, and blend insights from past experience and new data.

Assignments typically involved diagnosis, design and delivery of the learning program.

Between 2005 and 2018, I have delivered upwards of 200 training programs (touching 4000+ learners).

I am method-agnostic, preferring to use whichever suits the situation best: I have used Case studies, outdoor activities, role playing, coaching conversations, software simulations and project work.

Product Portfolio

I've developed 4 products in the training space.

  1. Trainer-Aide (2014): Helps experienced trainers/teachers unlearn old habits and rapidly learn new ones.
  2. Think-Straight (2015): Helps managers make difficult decisions, by cutting through the noise and thinking clearly.
  3. Business Data Analysis (2019): Helps executives understand how to tease out insights from large data sets; avoid deceptive metrics and create a clear data story. This runs as a digital-only course.
  4. Final Stretch (2020): Leadership program for core teams at startups.

Consulting Portfolio

Though most of my work was in training, I did a few consulting assignments too:

  • Re-discovering company's mission at inflection point (Entertainment industry startup)
  • Dissemination of company culture at scale (large BFSI player)
  • Diagnosing reasons for low channel sales (Automotive OEM)
  • Assessment & Developmental feedback to high potentials (Automotive OEM)

The upside of these 14 years spent 'in the trenches' was practical knowhow about what works and what doesn't, when it comes to people changing workplace behaviour. Some testimonials below attest to this...



Some Client Testimonials

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Amulya Jamwal Head, Leadership Development @ Bajaj Finance

In Shirish, I find someone who has a clear thinking process, is able to grasp expected outcomes with ease and is able to produce effective design solutions to fulfill those expected outcomes. His ability to think though potential participant responses in advance and bake them into his design solutions is exceptional and very much appreciated.

Avishkar Tendle CEO @ Natura Outdoors

Sometime ago my organisation was introspecting about its identity, how to define its business, what services to continue and which to drop etc. Shirish did a series of sessions over several weeks. He provoked us to think harder, more systematically than we would otherwise have done. With his help we got clarity about our mission and how to go about it, this lead to us coming up with the Natura mantra "Responsible Play"

Dipti Bharatia CEO @ Centre for Business Intelligence and Analytics

For one of our clients, we wanted to move a team of analysts from merely making canned reports to delivering more insights from data. Shirish came up with a process to drill down through process metrics in a systematic way, which enabled better root-cause analysis; and our client has adopted the process as a SOP now. I think the entire intervention was designed in such a way that it delivered the results our client wanted. The pre-workshop study, the workshop format and post-workshop support, all contributed to making our client happy.