final stretch

What is Final Stretch?

At some stage in a startup’s journey, Founders think: “Let me try delegating tactical stuff to my core team. That will free up my bandwidth for big picture issues

They try pulling away for a while, letting the core team handle things.

But without their active involvement, decision making & execution slow down and important things get missed. To arrest the slide, Founders are forced to return to the daily nitty-gritty.

The Problem? At least in some of these cases, core team members weren’t “delegation-ready”. Due to the Founder’s constant involvement & support, they never needed to build the capability to operate on their own.

Final Stretch is a program which builds this capability.

What is ultimate benefit of the program?

For the Founder, the benefit is WORRY FREE DELEGATION.

Hear it from our customers:

“Overall, the program has reduced my worry and my core team has taken on more ownership of their roles”, says Abhimanyu Bhosale, Founder-CEO of CrelioHealth, a SaaS startup

“We still have weekly reviews, but I am no longer the bottle neck for small decisions.  Now with my team on auto-pilot, I can devote more time to strategic growth projects and long term initiatives for the company”, says Jofi Joseph, MD of Promethean Power, an agri-tech startup.

Which capabilities does the core team build?

Here is what one customer has to say about it:

“My BU Heads have moved towards faster decision making, better communication and more clarity around their roles”, says Advait Gupt, Co-Founder & CEO of Kulfi Collective, a digital media startup

Here are some real results seen in our past programs:

  • Ownership of problem solving (not just bring problems to CEO’s notice)
  • Sense of urgency towards commitments and deadlines (without needing follow-up from CEO)
  • A more planned approach to projects (instead of ad-hoc reactions)
  • Building their team’s capability (rather than thinking: This is HR’s job)
  • Decision making with confidence (without seeking CEO’s approval for minor things)

How exactly does the program work?

The program is entirely based on “1-on-1′ interactions between a mentor and your core team members (there are no group sessions).

As evident above, the bulk of the program builds new habits, which are critical to ownership and autonomy.

The key to building these habits is the Plan-Do-Review cycle.

Week after week, the mentor and the participant work together… to experiment, review whether it worked and keep improving.


Is this any different from the typical training/coaching program out there?

Yes, it is. In 3 important ways.

1. This is a longer-duration & higher-touch program. Participants meet the mentor EVERY WEEK FOR 3 MONTHS. This intensity overcomes inertia and provides ample time for change of habits.

2. This program has a bias for action, whereas typical coaching/training engagements focus on creating clarity and awareness, and often stop there. The program admits participants who are aware of what must change, and handholds them in making those changes.

3. There is no loss of productivity, unlike training programs where longish sessions require absence from work. Typical investment of time is 2 hours every week.

The result is: You get serious value. Here’s a comparison of alternatives, as we see it.

Do Founders also participate in the program?

Core team members (who directly report to the Founder) are the main participants of the program.

But Founders support the program from outside, in 3 ways:

1. At the start, they specify which capabilities each core team member must develop.

2. Intermittently, they provide additional feedback to the mentor, about the changes they’re observing in the core team.

3. Finally, they start to delegate more work to the core team and resist supervising too closely, as the core team become more capable.


We meet your team members either at your office premises or online, depending on the need and COVID-related restrictions. Typically, one meeting every week, with additional interactions where needed.

Need to know more?

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You may also view the program deck below.

Final Stretch Deck