Let’s do this backwards. Starting with 2020, when a lot of us ‘pivoted’!

In April 2020, when COVID was still new-ish, I spoke to several entrepreneurs. Heard a common refrain: “I wish my people took on more ownership and worked more independently of me“.

I came up with a way to solve this problem, working closely with one of the entrepreneurs I had spoken to. We immediately put it to the test, in his venture. Three months later, he reported lesser drain on his time, because a couple of his Direct Reports had learnt to operate independently. Later, I formalised this approach and called it Sarathi.

Why did it work? The short answer is: this intervention was hyper-customized for each person I engaged with. When it comes to helping people change, this is the ONLY thing that works.

How can I make such an outrageous claim? Especially when the training industry claims that they have ‘a methodology that works for everybody’? Well, I learnt the difference between claims and reality during the preceding…

15 years as a self-employed trainer and coach (2005-2019)

During these years, my work was…

For MSMEs/Start-ups and Large firms.
Using both Face-to-Face and Online mode.
In both Outbound and Classroom settings.
With Senior, Mid-level and Junior personnel.
To solve problems of mindset, skills and knowledge.
Employing Facilitation, Training and Coaching methods.
Engaging Large groups, Intimate groups and Individuals.
Structured as weekend programs as well as long-term journeys.

Now, this was really ‘in-the-trenches’ work. I hold sacred, any lessons I learnt from it. So sacred, that I spent the better half of 2018 summarizing it in two dozen long-form articles. They’re here, on my blog.

What did I do before this?

I was …

Employed for 5 years (1999-2004)

This was at 3 starkly different companies… an Indian manufacturer, an American conglomerate and an Education start-up. But one thing remained a constant during those years. I sorely missed someone who could provide encouragement, some guidance and positive pressure. You see, such support can make a big difference to one’s professional game, just like it does in sports. I might have stayed employed longer, had that happened.

Which brings me back to the present. The Sarathi program is a labour of love, my attempt to help people step-up their game. It offers the same 3 things (encouragement, guidance and positive pressure) to a very specific segment of people: Direct Reports of Entrepreneurs. Read all about it on the Sarathi page.