My journey

Post an engineering (IIT-Kanpur, Chemical Engg.) and management (IIM-Ahmedabad) education, my professional journey started in 1999.

At Asian Paints, my job was to keep the factory’s payroll software running smoothly. Next, I moved to General Electric, where I managed IT projects. A sharp shift occurred in 2003, as I joined a then-young training firm called iDiscoveri, as a salesman. It was my first brush with capability building in people. I liked it and wanted to go it alone, as a learning facilitator.

For the next 13 years, I spent time “in the trenches”, absorbing the science of what makes people change, adopt new habits and learn new skills. These skills covered a wide variety of topics. From “How to read a Balance Sheet” to “How to engage a difficult customer” to “How to think without bias”.

I worked with 3 different learning environments: classroom, online and outbound. My exposure to various levels of management also grew with time. Clients included MNCs and Indian firms, industry leaders and startups, spanning the Services, Manufacturing and Financial sectors.

The upside of this ‘width’ of experience was: I understood that typical training workshops are a waste of time and money. It was probably time for some ‘depth’ in my work.

I spent the next whole year writing down what I had learnt in 13 years. It took the form of a blog.  Simultaneously, I worked closely with the leadership development team at Bajaj Finance Ltd, to run a program on culture building. We experimented with new methods of learning and supporting learners. This project delivered great results, something I had not seen before.

And that brings us to 2020. My work this year continues the theme of intensive work with organisations who wish to seriously invest in their people.

They say, the best way to know a man is through his views. For my views on people development, do visit my blog.