My journey

Post an engineering (IIT-Kanpur, Chemical Engg.) and management (IIM-Ahmedabad) education, my professional journey started in 1999.

At Asian Paints, my job was to keep the factory’s payroll software running smoothly. Next, I moved to General Electric, where I managed IT projects. A sharp shift occurred in 2003, as I joined a then-young training firm called iDiscoveri, as a salesman. It was my first brush with capability building in people. I liked it and wanted to go it alone, as a facilitator of learning.

For the next 13 years, I spent time “in the trenches”… absorbing the art of what makes people change, adopt new habits and learn new skills. I worked with 3 different learning environments: classroom, online and outbound. Worked with entry-level staff, mid-level managers and entrepreneurs. Clients included MNCs and Indian firms, industry biggies and startups, spanning the Services, Manufacturing, BFSI and IT sectors.

The upside of this width of experience was: I saw how typical training workshops wasted time and money. It was a cue for me… I sought more depth in my work.

I spent the next 2 years writing down what I had learnt in the last 13. It took the form of a blog (read here).  Simultaneously, for one full year, I worked closely with the leadership development team at Bajaj Finance, to run a program on culture building. We experimented with new methods of learning and supporting learners. This project delivered great results, something I had not seen before.

And that brings me to 2020… a year of pivots for everyone. I decided to focus my energies on helping startups. More about this on the ‘my work‘ page.